Kangaroo Island Wildlife Experiences

When it comes to tourism on Kangaroo Island you’re probably familiar with images of Remarkable rocks and Kangaroos. You might also be thinking of the empty white sandy beaches, but Kangaroo Island has so much more.

You could be after an adventure-packed holiday with your family. Or perhaps you are looking for a relax...

Luxury Accommodation Kangaroo Island

When it comes to the luxury accommodation Kangaroo Island has to offer, we are a little biased. Why? Because we tend to fall in love with locations and people. For us, real luxury is not defined by 'gold-plated water taps'. Think about the time you first arrive at a special accommodation. How did it make you feel? When we visited the Ocean View Eco Villas, we felt a connection straight away - i...

Travel facts Tasmania

This blog looks into handy, key travel facts Tasmania when considering a holiday there. It may look small on a map, but in fact it is much bigger than what you think - once you're on the inside. Tasmania actually covers an area of 68,401 km2 (26,410 sq miles), of which the main island covers 64,519 km2 (24,911 sq miles...

Best Honeymoon Destinations Australia

Are you looking for the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Australia? We'll be covering our top 5 most romantic, popular and luxurious honeymoon destinations in Aussie! Whether you and your loved one are looking for fun and excitement, or your own secluded little piece of paradise – Australia is the perfect place for a romantic honeymoon getaway. Some of the key attractions for honeymooners inclu...

Top things to do in Adelaide

We have travelled to Adelaide a couple of time and just love the place! This blog will tell you all about the top things to do in Adelaide. However, you will also read about the surrounding regions - places like Kangaroo Island and the Barossa Valley.  But first, let's have a look at central Adelaide.

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