When it comes to the luxury accommodation Kangaroo Island has to offer, we are a little biased. Why? Because we tend to fall in love with locations and people. For us, real luxury is not defined by ‘gold-plated water taps’. Think about the time you first arrive at a special accommodation. How did it make you feel? When we visited the Ocean View Eco Villas, we felt a connection straight away – it was the right fit for us!

As professional travel designers, we have visited hundreds of accommodations. Out of these properties, there are a many that we would not recommend to our guests. You might be surprised at some of the reasons. First of all, some accommodations are just simply in the wrong location. Or to our way of thinking, they could be incorrectly priced. Maybe it is simply that the hosts do not have the right personality for the job. So, let’s dig a little deeper as to why we believe that Ocean View Eco Villas is a true luxury accommodation Kangaroo Island.

Eco Villas Luxury accommodation kangaroo island

Beach Walk in the evening Oceanview Eco Villas

Why stay at Oceanview Eco Villas

1. Kangaroo Island Travel Destination

Kangaroo Island is the third largest island off the coast of mainland Australia. In fact, you will be right in the middle of Australia’s ‘Galapagos’. The island is home to some very unique and iconic native Australian wildlife. And of course, let’s not forget Kangaroo Island’s stunning coastlines and scenery – they are nothing short of spectacular.

Kangaroo Island location map

Location Map Kangaroo Island

The ‘locals’ believe that one of the things that makes Kangaroo Island special is the peace and serenity here. This type of tranquility can only be achieved by sharing their island home with the animals that live there.

Because Kangaroo Island is isolated from from the Australian mainland, the native species that live here have little to fear from introduced predators such as foxes.

The Primary industries on the Island are largely food producing and of course, tourism. In fact, the Island has become renowned for its quality produce, both nationally and internationally.

2. Staying at Oceanview Eco Villas

So lets enter the massive acreage where Oceanview Eco Villas is located. If stepping of the grid, is your kind of luxury, then you’ve probably found it here. And that ‘feeling’ I talked about earlier, only gets better as Tim and Tamsin Wendt personally welcome you. After all, there is nothing quite like that first introduction to the locals. So begins yet another luxury –  unwinding in privacy on a 500-acre coastal property.

That sense of space can be found once you step inside the Oceanview’s Eco Villas. You really do feel as if you’ve come home. The decor is so stylishly understated, but in total harmony with the natural outside environment.

Stunning luxury accommodation kangaroo island at Oceanview Eco Villa

Beautiful rolling hills around Oceanview Eco Villas

Each stay is fully inclusive and includes three-course dinners and a cooked breakfast. You will also have the pleasure of sampling Kangaroo Island and South Australian wines.

We would urge you to take your time in exploring the Oceanview property – to Immerse yourself in its environment. You will quickly discover that it is home to a number of native Australian wildlife and birdlife. You are bound to see Kangaroos, Wallabies and those magnificent Wedge-tailed Eagles. Now that’s one memory that will stay with you forever!

3. People at Oceanview Eco Villas

One thing we have found with all good hosts, is their interesting history. Since moving to Kangaroo Island 14 years ago, Tim and Tamsin have been calling Oceanview their home. Since that time, they have embraced the ‘island life’ and celebrate each day in their special slice of paradise.

Tim and Tamsin at Oceanview luxury accommodation kangaroo island

Your hosts Tamsin and Tim Wendt

Having come from a background of retail management, Tim has had a long career working with people in a wide range of setting – one of which, as a policeman. More recently, he worked as a tour guide for one of the Island’s leading tour operators. He also runs a small farming enterprise on the Oceanview property.

Tamsin has trained in Clinical Psychology and she too, has worked in a number of settings. In fact, she established the first psychology practice on Kangaroo Island 12 years ago.

Tim and Tamsin have made a firm commitment to make their guests feel welcomed. What they provide is a memorable eco-luxury experience on Kangaroo Island.

4. Dinner at Oceanview Eco Villas

The islanders place great importance on growing their own food in a sustainable way.  You can guarantee that the food on most quality accommodations on Kangaroo Island, is locally sourced. There are some wonderful chefs on the island. Tim and Tamsin are no exception. This couple possess the necessary skills to serve up world-class cuisine. 

After a full day of touring, you’ll want to enjoy the space and privacy of your villa.  Its time to kick back and enjoy cocktails and canapes – and of course the views. What could be more perfect that enjoying a gourmet three course dinner served in the privacy of your own villa. Sounds like a perfect end to the day to me! Of course, you can also expect a two-course cooked breakfast served in your villa each morning.

Dinner in villa at Ocean View Eco Villa

The people at Oceanview Eco Villas love showing their guests what the local producers can serve up.  On a recent trip to Kangaroo Island, we sampled much of the island’s produce and believe me, it was impressive. Many of us now understand the need to keep our environmental footprint small. So Keeping it local, is everything to the islanders.

Kangaroos at Oceanview Luxury Eco Retreat

Kangaroos on the property.

By keeping it local, the islanders reducing their impact on the environment At the same time, they are cutting down transport time and distances. Like many of us, they love to support local businesses. The following, are just some of the businesses Oceanview likes to work with:

    1. Kangaroo Island Spirits
    2. Springs Road Winery
    3. Islander Estate Vineyards
    4. The Oyster Farm Shop
    5. KI Source
    6. Kangaroo Island Oats
    7. KI Fresh Seafood
    8. Emu Bay Lavender

5. Villa Stay at Oceanview Kangaroo Island

A stay at Oceanview Eco Villas is an exclusive and deep experience for guests – those who are seeking a more meaningful type of travel experience. To achieve this goal, Tim and Tamsin Wendt, have worked with leading eco designers, builders and interior designers. They in turn, have created a beautiful retreat, perfect for rejuvenation.

Luxury villa retreat accommodation kangaroo island

Inside one of the villas.

In fact, when you walk through the villas, it is very clear that the very best of Island craftsmen have worked their magic. From the handcrafted stone work to the cabinetry, a timeless, but contemporary design is the result. What you will get is the very best of South Australian design.

But perhaps the best Oceanview luxury can be found in the setting. Just imagine looking out across a north-facing coastline. The villas are completely off-grid, utilising solar power and the best available eco products and technology. That means ‘no noise’.

Each villa incorporates special OEV Sky Windows. So, just lie back in the privacy of your bedroom and watch the stunning sky. If long leisurely baths are your thing, open up the bifold windows and enjoy a soak while enjoying the stunning ocean views. What bliss!

Villa Floor plan Oceanview Kangaroo IslandIn fact, the list of special features goes on:

  • Natural timber and stone finishes
  • Natural gas heating
  • 100% rainwater
  • Solar power
  • Modwood timber decking
  • Recycled jarrah timber
  • Limestone paddock stonework
  • Viridian smart glass windows
  • Polished concrete floors providing thermal mass
  • Cavalier Bremworth carpets using recycled synthetics

So you can see that as a guest, you will leave a very small footprint. How satisfying to know that you can enjoy a luxurious environment with a minimal impact on the environment. 

6. Tours and Experiences on Kangaroo Island

Of course, you will want to explore Kangaroo Island. Believe me this paradise has endless activities on offer. For those seeking an active adventure, you can try your hand at quad biking and adventure caving.

The island even has a sand boarding activity in the dunes. Others might be after a more ‘cruisy’ holiday – fine food and wine and a stroll along one of the many beaches. Surely, there is no better way to reflect and indulge in stunning scenery and nature.

Kangaroo Island provides endless inspiration, with its rugged, natural beauty, and abundance of native wildlife. It is home and muse to many artists, photographers and creators, and provides a source of inspiration to many who visit. View some excursion options we experienced.

View some of the local highlights.

  1. See the seals at Seal Bay Conservation Park
  2. Check out the Little Sahara Sand Dunes
  3. Visit the lighthouse at Cape Willoughby
  4. Say hello to the residents at Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

See here for more in-depth information on what to do on Kangaroo Island. Plus some details on the regeneration after the bushfires.

private guiding on kangaroo island

Pam and Michael on a private tour on Kangaroo Island.

Summary on Oceanview Eco Villas

Oceanview Eco Villas represents an authentic travel experience where you meet the locals and make friends. Of course the location is stunning, but perhaps what is more important, is the harmony of all key components that sets this accommodation apart from the rest. There is none better to be found on this hidden paradise that is Kangaroo Island.

If you are keen started with your planning or to look into these places in more detail, check out our Australia lifestyle itineraries for more information. Happy Honeymoon Travelling!

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