This blog will reveal the top 5 Sydney day tours that are the most popular for travellers. Of course what you choose will largely depend on your interests. It will also depend on whether you are travelling as a couple or as a family. Also, keep an eye on the right travel seasons for Australia.

A lot of travellers heading for Australia will probably arrive in Sydney first. The flight over to Australia can be long one, so I’d recommend a 2 or 3 night stay. If you really want to get to know a city, then why not take a guided day tour.  A guided day tour of Sydney will definitely help you to relax after that flight! And if you opt for a private day tour, you’ll pretty much get to see anything you want.

Overlooking the Sydney skyline

Option 1 – Essential Sydney City Tour

What you’ll see:

Sydney is a big place. Believe me, you will need to set aside at least half a day for a guided tour. And by staying in central Sydney, you’ll be within walking distance to the ferries. If you’re looking for a really good tour company, we’d recommend Australia Luxury Escapes. For a morning  tour, they will collect you from your hotel lobby at around 10am.

Historic Rocks Precinct:

The first stop on your city tour will be historic Rocks precinct. This is actually the birth place of Sydney. In fact, it’s the very spot where convicts built cottages – its also where the first church in Australia was established.

Pam and Michael sitting on MacQuarie's Chair

Sitting on the famous Mrs MacQuarie’s Chair

Sydney’s Botanical Gardens:

Thereafter, the next stop will probably see you at the stunning Botanical Gardens. These gardens are right in the very heart of Sydney. They’re not actually that far from Australia’s first Parliament House, the Mint and St Mary’s Cathedral. The tour will continue onto Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. Now here is your chance for that iconic photo – you and your partner sitting on Mrs Macquarie’s chair! Just a short walk away is the harbour’s edge. You’ll get some jaw-dropping views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Sydney opera house with blue skys

Iconic Landmarks & lunch stop:

Next up, is a drive through Woolloomooloo, Kings Cross and into Rushcutters Bay. Its time for another great highlight – lunch at the famous Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. You’ll get a good chance to relax over lunch and enjoy the surrounds.

Rushcutters Bay sailing club

Bondi Beach

After lunch, the tour continues to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Bondi Beach! You could actually spend a whole day here, lazing around and eyeing up that magnificent surf.  Bondi Beach is also famous for its great vibe of surf shops and beachside cafes.  Time slows down in Bondi Beach – it has a great esplanade for relaxation. Also, what you might not know, is that there is a very famous deli at Bondi Beach selling, among other things, Russian and Polish products.

the famous bondi beach in sydney

Famous Suburbs

In the afternoon you’ll be driven back to the Sydney CBD. The chosen route will take you through vibrant Oxford Street and the suburb of Paddington. This is a very boutique shopping precinct with some beautiful Georgian and Victorian architecture – its like stepping back in time. You’ll arrive back to your hotel around 3 pm. This Sydney Day Tour is guaranteed to give you a great idea of the city’s layout – and you’ll get to see some of  Sydney’s best kept secrets.

But what if you don’t want the adventure to end there?  Well, you just keep on exploring.  Now you can do this by sailing on Sydney’s beautiful harbour. After the city tour, just join a cruise in the afternoon. The cruise starts from Darling Harbour and takes about 2 hours. It really is another great Sydney highlight

Option 2 – Blue Mountains Mountain High Eco tour

..What you’ll see:

The Blue Mountains National Park is World Heritage listed area. You’re just going to fall in love with this rugged region and its dramatic scenery. There is so much to absorb. The Blue Mountains are all about steep cliffs, Eucalyptus forests and waterfalls. As an added bonus, the famous Three Sisters sandstone rock formation is found right here

stunning blue mountains in evening light

The tour leaves from the city in the morning.  As in Option 1, you’ll be driven through the historic precinct. From there, you’ll travel North across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

The first stop along the tour is at Featherdale Wildlife Park. This is home to Australia’s favourite marsupials. By arriving early, you’ll beat the crowds and be able to get up close with Kangaroos, Koalas and Wombats.

koala wildlife in australia

Blue Mountains National Park

Thereafter, continue west towards the Blue Mountains National Park. Its here, you’ll enter a very secret clearing to enjoy a bit of home baking. You’ll get to spend a fair bit of time here exploring and seeking out the wildlife of the park.

Kings Tableland

Believe me the views over Jamison valley will take your breath away! Its here you’ll really experience the true beauty of the Blue Mountains.

Lunch Stop

Now’s your chance to slow down – to kick back over a lunch of local cuisine and wines. After lunch there is a great cliff drive towards the township of Katoomba. At Eagle Hawk lookout you will see the famous 3 sisters Rock formation. The views of the Jamieson Valley are simply awesome!

Wentworth Falls

Heading south now you’ll stop at Wentworth Falls. Your guide will take you down a well worn path towards the falls and more gorgeous views.

stop at Wentworth Falls

There really is something about being surrounded by the local flora and fauna. It sure is guaranteed to refresh your spirits.  In fact, you’ll really feel the spiritual essence of Australia and get a sense of its geological history.

The van returns to the city around 5.00 pm.

Option 3 – Hunter Valley Food and Wine tour

What you’ll see..


The Hunter Valley wine region lies north of Sydney. And when it comes to wine and food, this area is extremely progressive.  The Hunter Valley Food & Wine Tour departs from Sydney. You’ll be driven north across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and through Sydney’s leafy Northern suburbs. You’ll get a brief stop to enjoy the views of the Kuringai National Park. Then you’ll travel via the historic Wollembi Road. Yet again, the scenery will inspire you. Morning tea is served before entering the Hunter Valley.

Chocolate Sampling

If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ll enjoy a stop at Cocoa Nib, a boutique Chocolate Shop. Be prepared to sample some mind-glowing handcrafted artisan chocolate!  And cheese-lover need not miss out either. You’ll get to sample 9 of the best local, Australian & International cheeses. The food is chosen to compliment the wine. Its a match made in heaven!

Lunch at Bistro Molines

A major highlight has to be the lunch at Bistro Molines a French-themed restaurant.  The actual restaurant is set among the peaceful surrounds of Tallavera Grove. There are some terrific views of terraced vineyards and grazing cattle.

Bistro Molines in the Hunter Valley

Sabor Desert Bar

The sweet treats are not over yet folks! The next stop is at Sabor Desert Bar. Now the the range on offer here is really huge.  What could be better than getting over 50 deserts to choose from, not to mention over 24 flavours of Macaroons plus their award winning Sabor Chocolate Mousse.

Audrey Wilkinson Winery

Audrey Wilkinson is one of the oldest wineries in the Hunter Valley.  It is well known for those mouth-watering Semillions and Shiraz. Believe me, there’s something very special about wine-tasting in a private VIP room. After all the indulgence, you’ll be glad for the leisurely drive back to Sydney.

Option 4 – Sydney Bridge Climb tour

Like the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an iconic landmark of Sydney. And many travellers love the idea of climbing this bridge.  Its not for the fainthearted – especially if you have a fear of heights.  However, this tour has been operating for more than 20 years. Safety is paramount. And the panoramic views you’ll get, are really worth the effort.

sydney bridge climb tours

In conclusion, if you’re in good health and aged eight and older, you’ll be able to do it.  Climbs begin at regular intervals, from early in the morning through to the evening. All the harnesses and helmets are provided.

As part of the tour, you’ll receive a photo of yourself on the bridge. That is such a great way to keep the memory alive. The main BridgeClimb is 3h 30min return. A guide will lead you along ladders and catwalks to the outer arch of the bridge to the top. You’ll find yourself 134 metres above the sparkling blue waters of Sydney Harbour. If you’re a little time-short, a quicker tour to the summit is BridgeClimb Express. This is 2h 15min return.

Option 5 – Sydney Opera House Backstage tour

Millions of visitors from all over the world come to see this masterpiece of architecture. The Sydney Opera House is perfectly located on beautiful Sydney Harbour. It’s here that you’ll get world-class performances in opera, ballet, classical and other genres. But what a lot of travellers don’t know, is that they can actually get a look behind-the-scenes. In added bonus for travellers from many countries, is that daily guided tours are given in most major languages.

Sydney Opera House from the harbour

Subsequently, you will get a choice of times to suit your travel schedule. The A Backstage Tour departs at 7am daily. You need to be there by 6.45am, (15 minutes prior to departure time). The 7am tour can take up to two and a half hours.


It’s reassuring to know that safety is important. And because of this, enclosed, rubber-soled shoes must be worn.  The tour ends a high note (excuse the pun) at the Green Room where breakfast is served. But better still, you’ll be sitting among and performers. How cool is that!

A number of Australia wide travel itineraries include Sydney – check out your options.

Here are some more travel hints while travelling Australia:

Happy travelling Sydney Day tours and check out other places in Australia!

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