When travelling Central Australia, the Outback is on top of the must-do list for many. Travel facts about Ayers Rock are sometimes hard to come by in a single source. So what this blog aims to do, is to give you a one-stop overview on the key points when planning a trip to Ayers Rock (Uluru).

How to get to Ayers Rock Uluru?

Due to its remote location, we recommend that you take a domestic flight (unless you are visiting Australia for many weeks). Ayers Rock is mainly served by Qantas Australia. And these guys pretty much have the monopoly with flights in and out of Ayers Rock airport. Because of this, prices are fairly high. Early flight and reservation planning helps to some degree.

domestic flights with qantas australia
Domestic flights with Qantas Australia

How to get around Uluru?

Once you have arrived by domestic flight you can use the complementary airport-to-hotel transfer service provided by the Voyages hotel group or the Longitude private resort. View getting around details.

For added flexibility, you might want to go by rental car. Pick-up is either directly at Ayers Rock airport, or in the village. The cost for both of these options in this part of Australia, are higher than at the East Coast locations.

how to get around uluru with a rental car or transfer
Travelling by rental car in the Outback

What are distances like?

One key element of Australia travel is the vast distances between locations. These are often underestimated by travellers, even within the Uluru Tjuta NP region – view details. Getting from the Yulara resort Village to Kata Tjuta NP, will take you about 45 minutes. And that is just going one-way (50 kms or 30 miles away). From Yulara village to Uluru Rock, it is a good 20 min drive. The airport is a 10 min drive away.

location map between uluru, yulara and kata tjuta
Location map for the Uluru Tjuta NP region

Now once you have landed in Ayers Rock and picked up your rental car – here’s what you do: You may either travel to Kings Canyon (about 4 hours drive) or drive to Alice Springs (5 hours). The main roads are sealed and that means you will be able to travel with a standard rental car. But once you go “off road”, you will be required to rent a 4-wheel drive. And with regard to rental cars, there are nighttime driving restrictions in place.

Weather and climate at Uluru

The very best time to travel Australia’s Outback is the winter season (May – Sept). Travelling in summer is simply too hot. Read more details on Australia climate and weather. The winter temperatures range from 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit) and for summer, 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). Daytime temperatures during summer can exceed 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). Interesting is also the Bio Calender for Uluru Ayers Rock.

overview on monthly temperatures in ayers rocks uluru
Average temperatures at Uluru Ayers Rock

Where are the best viewing areas?

There is nothing quite like witnessing a sunset and sunrise over Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). It really is an awe-inspiring experience and a ‘must do’ on every visitor’s list. You can watch this twice daily spectacle in a guided tour from one of the designated viewing areas inside the Park.

best view areas and walks around uluru
Uluru Walks and Viewing areas

Handy Hint: Once the sun has dipped below the horizon, make sure you stay for another 15 minutes. That is the time when the colours of the desert really intensify – it is incredibly dramatic. Please be mindful that you need to leave the National Park by closing time.

best viewing areas and walk in the kata tjuta national park
Walks and viewing areas at Kata Tjuta NP

Experiences at Ayers Rock Uluru

You will have a wide range of tours to join at Uluru Ayers Rock. Naturally the highlights are the Sunrise and Sunset tours – these are offered in all shapes and forms. Here is a brief list of suggestions:

key activities in the uluru region such as camel rides.
Camel to Sunrise or Sunset at Uluru

Camel to Sunrise – By riding high on a camel above the desert surrounds, you really will see this Australian region just as the early pioneers did! Taking an Uluru Camel Tours is an unforgettable journey through red dune country. What could be more stunning than having Uluru and Kata Tjuta as a backdrop.

Desert Awaking Tours – On this tour you will experience the tranquility of a pre-dawn land under a canopy of stars. This is your chance to see the amazing transformation of colours and life as the desert awakens. The guides on these tours are experts. They will introduce you to the natural and cultural landscapes of the region.

Guided Nature Walks – You will have a great opportunity to discover the folds and curves of Uluru. In fact, this is quite an intimate tour with SEIT Outback Australia. Here, you will learn about the Creation stories of Liru (poisonous snake) and Kuniya (python) as well as other stories associated with the ‘Dreamtime”. A great aspect of the tour is being able to see the ancient rock art. The history of Uluru is a significant location for teaching Aboriginal youngsters and travellers alike.

Sound of Silence Dinner – This very special dinner has been entered into the Australian Tourism Hall of Fame. The Sounds of Silence will give you the best of the Red Centre merged into the most 4 magical hours. You will never forget an evening of dining under a diamond-studded outback sky.

Skydive Ayers Rock – The skydiving tour at Ayers Rock Resort is a bit of a heart-stopper and guaranteed to set your pulse racing. Not only do you get spectacular views of Uluru, Kata Tjuta, but also the adrenaline rush of jumping out of a plane.

Accommodation at Uluru

Accommodation options at Uluru are limited. The resort village is basically owned by one hotel group – Voyages. So due to its remote location, with all its challenges, prices are high. In the peak travel month between May and September, all hotels are pretty much sold out. So we recommend that you plan early. For high-end travellers the Longitude 31 lodge is a lovely option. You will get a very high degree of privacy and an exclusive service.

accommodation options at uluru are limited and expensive
Voyages Desert Gardens Hotel at Yulara

Blowflies, birds and wildlife

Despite the often harsh climate, Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park is home to hundreds of different animal and bird species. One of the best things about a visit here is to see some of this wildlife in their natural habitat.

Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park has 21 species of native mammals, 178 species of birds, 73 species of reptiles and literally thousands of invertebrates species including ants, spiders and bugs.

Believe me, the flies really have a bad name in the Outback of Australia. They can be a constant annoyance. But let us remember, they do a marvellous clean-up job, to enable nature to do hers.

The flies are at their worst at certain times of the year. So, the best way to protect yourself is to wear a hat with netting. These will be widely available at location. Flies love heat! That is why we urge you to visit Uluru in the Australia winter i.e. June-August.

Summary travel facts about Ayers Rock Uluru

If you are planing a trip to Uluru Ayers Rock check out Australia travel package options, which does include this part of the Outback.

Happy travelling Ayers Rock Uluru!

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