These days, when you plan an Australia holiday, your first step is probably to go on-line. You will look at the travel reviews, suss out the blog suggestions and booking engines. But more and more more travellers are contacting a local online travel agent – Australia is no exception. Why is this? This blog will give you the answer. But more importantly, find out the advantages you will have by using a local Australia travel agent. Start with ‘Focused Travel Planning’.

Focused travel planning

The internet is great for travellers – it seems all the information you need is a mere finger tap away! Sounds great doesn’t it – but is it really? When it comes to travel, you will quickly discover how overwhelming the ‘flood’ of information is out there. That is why Focused travel planning is needed. And that is where a knowledgeable travel expert can really save you so much time by asking you all the right questions – pointing out insider information. For example, when is the best time to travel Australia or climate & weather regions in Australia.

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Suitable travel options

There is a huge range of travel options. And choosing the right ones, very much depend on important stuff – things like your interests – what sort of accommodation style you prefer. For example, some travellers want to experience the Great Australia Outback, while others are happy to visit wildlife and nature nature reserves. No one can resist a cute Koala! However, there are a lot of places such as Kangaroo Island – that are often ‘forgotten’. Visits to Australia will usually focus on the ‘magic triangle’ – Sydney, Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock Uluru. Now don’t get me wrong, those places are fabulous, but there is is much more to Australia. Think about the beauty of Western Australia or the famous wine area of the Barossa Valley, to name just a few! So a location expert can talk you through all your options. The end goal is to find the best travel options for you – tailored specifically to your tastes.

Digital planning tools

Gone are the days when endless pages of travel documents were the norm. Welcome to the digital age with sophisticated travel app! All travel details are available on phone, tablet or desktop. At Guest Australia, we are using TravelKey. And that means, all reservation data is automatically loaded onto the app. So, no more data entering or emailing tickets for travellers. More and more Australia online travel agents will use this convenient tool. So travel and IT pretty much goes hand in hand nowadays.

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Value for money travel options

Of course, we all want a fair price for our holiday of a lifetime. On the surface at least, online travel websites and comparing tools make this look easy – too easy. Nothing beats working with the guy ‘on the ground’ for their first-hand experience – that person who has actually seen the accommodations you are thinking of. And the great thing is, a local travel agent can often save you money. For example, they know, that paying a higher price for a lodge, doesn’t necessary mean it is the right lodge for you. On the other hand, getting a low-cost deal can sometimes be a bit of a disaster. You can rely on a reputable travel agent – one who takes the time to understand your travel needs.

Everything through one hand

People are so busy these days. So, spending hours on the internet, sorting through email confirmations and reservations, is not the most efficient use of your time. A good travel agent will make the planning process so easy and enjoyable. By getting all arrangements through ‘one hand’ you will achieve a seamless flow of transfers, right distances, and tours times. It will also mean that you will end up by being at the right place at the right time! There is so much to discover in Australia. Once you are actually in the country, should be your goal to create those memories of a lifetime.

Help while travelling

Like anything is life, our travel plans can be disrupted. These disruptions could be in the form of road blocks, bad weather preventing a flight from taking off, or a family member getting sick. Whenever things like this happen in a foreign country, it can be an absolute blessing to have a ‘local’ on the ground ready to sort it out for you. We have all experienced how hard it is to get through to an airline company and actually talk to a real person. And it is doubly hard to suddenly have to chop and change your accommodation, because of a last-minute change of route. This is where travel agents on the grounds can be miracle workers and an lifeline for travellers. What better reason to select a location based expert.

Go local & slow travel

Gone are the days where travellers want to visit as many locations as possible. Slow travel means less locations, but more time at each location. An experienced travel adviser will point out good reasons as to why you should stay longer at location – believe me, it really does make your holiday experience so much more enjoyable. Plus, slow travel is more environmentally friendly. Do check out some Australia travel itineraries:
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And… one more thing…

Holidays are a very valuable time for travellers – often the highlight of the year. Many of us can be celebrating a honeymoon or retirement – it is our ‘trip of a lifetime’. Having a local and knowledgeable expert can really can make the difference between having a ‘nice trip’ or an ‘amazing holiday’. So find an on-line Australia travel agent – an expert in their field and get that ‘trip of a lifetime’.

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