It’s a pain having to get up at 5.30am again! But if you’re working while travelling, a few hours allows us to to catch up on our business. Today’s the day we’re joining Daintree Rainforest Tours from Port Douglas. The Daintree Rainforest is the oldest living rainforest in the world. Here we are with Kerry, our Tour Guide.

Daintree Rainforest Tours from Port Douglas

Kerry has great people skills and knows how to deal with all personality types. He’s an experienced and seasoned traveller himself and has a dry sense of humour – his on-board commentary provides plenty of laughs. First, we drove onto the ferry that would take us across the Daintree River.

Daintree Ferry Road

Cape Tribulation

We then drove to Cape Tribulation and parked near a lovely little beach.  Further up the beach, there was a great lookout for  photos opportunities. By the time we headed back down, Kerry has laid home-made muffins, chocolate biscuits and fresh tropical fruit. Maybe he also had an early start – just to make those muffins!

Daintree Rainforest Tours from Port Douglas

River Cruise

Next we headed off for a leisurely river cruise. For me, the cruise was definitely a highlight. The boat guide gave an extremely detailed commentary on the Daintree’s ecosystem and some fascinating facts about the big crocodiles here.

Daintree River Cruise


As we floated upstream, everyone became very quiet. We were all on the lookout for those amazing reptiles who survived the Dinosaur Age. We were not disappointed.

Daintree River Cruise2

Two large crocodiles, one female and a much larger male, came into sight.  They were accustomed to our boat and barely gave us a glance. As passengers, we were not so dignified.  We all squealed like kids. This was such a thrill. Let’s get closer..

Daintree Crocodile

Daintree Rainforest Walk

The rainforest walk was a great way to get in a bit of exercise. Kerry explained how the different plants and trees of the forest have adapted to flourish in the Daintree Forest. Love those creeping vines.

Daintree Forest Walk

For all you romantics out there, don’t forget the all-important loved-up shot, because this is the perfect place for it.

Forest Walk with Pam and Michael

Lunch in the middle of a rainforest

As if we needed more to eat, we stopped for lunch at the “On the Turps” restaurant, right in the middle of the rainforest. The staff were well organised with a pre-ordered lunch of our choice. My grilled Barramundi was delicious and it was a pretty generous portion. This is time where we had great conversations with our fellow travellers.

Daintree Forest Restaurant

Homemade Ice-cream – so many flavours!

After lunch we visited the Daintree home-made Ice-cream shop. Handy hint:  This shop only takes cash, so make sure you have plenty on you.  Can I fit more in? Yes I can. These ice-cream flavours were uniquely tropical. Do try the Wattle Seed ice-cream – it maybe an acquired taste but it is an interesting one!

Daintree Ice-cream

Mossman Gorge

We continued on to Mossman Gorge which is home to the Kuku Yalanji people, the original inhabitants of this area. There was a bit of a rigmarole parking the van before boarding a large bus with many other travellers. The Kuku Yalanji people are employed as the bus drivers in this part of the tour.  However, its only for a very short before we return to our own tour vehicle with tour guide Kerry.

Mossman Gorge

Look at this panoramic view from the Alexandria Lookout. You actually get to see the whole spectrum of the Daintree Forest and beyond to the Coral Sea.

Daintree Forest to Coral Sea

On the way back, we travellers had become one big happy family. Before I close my eyes tonight, I’ll be thinking of this untouched and magnificent world.

Daintree Forest Dreams

Happy Travelling in the Port Douglas region!

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