After first basing ourselves in Bunker Bay, we visited the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. The wind’s been fierce today, but it was a pretty easy 5-min walk from the lighthouse reception area. It’s really hard to photograph lighthouses, when you’re trying to stay on your feet. Time to move on to the top attractions Yallingup Margaret River.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

Visiting the Cape Naturaliste Lighhouse.

Western Australia underrated with travellers

Some people have an odd perception of Australia. They tend to think of Uluru (Ayers Rock) which is an arid dessert land.  But many parts of Australia, especially Western Australia are incredibly lush and green.  This is especially the case in Western Australia’s Margaret River area. You’ll travel through gorgeous green pastures and gentle rolling hills. And let’s not forget what this region is very famous for – vineyards!

Western Australia's Margaret River area wineries

Margaret River region is famous for it’s many world-class wineries.

Fabulous Gunyulgup Galleries

Some of the top attractions of Yallingup Margaret River are the Gunyulgup Galleries. We liked The Studio Gallery which features the most stunning collections by leading Australian artists. For a really special purchase, this would be a good place to start. This photo only shows a fraction of what is available. The larger paintings are displayed in pull-out sliding doors and they are stunners.

Margaret River are the Gunyulgup Galleries

Visit at the Gunyulgup Galleries in the Margaret River region.

We were really taken with this art gallery. It’s such a fantastic idea to attach an award-winning Bistro Restaurant right next to an art gallery.  It really makes you want to linger – great food and art make good companions.

award-winning Bistro Restaurant right next

Michael at the award-winning Bistro Restaurant.

Map on the Margaret River area

Top 10 things to do in Margaret River area

Next stop is at a smallish handcrafted jewellery gallery featuring original and eye-catching silver jewellery.

eye-catching silver jewellery

Local arts & crafts in the Margaret River region.

You’ll have no problem finding these places – they’re in close proximity to one another and everything is well signposted. You couldn’t possibly miss this sign. Bought myself a pair of Merino wool socks here.

Bought myself a pair of Merino wool socks here.

Top wineries and artisan food

There are wineries galore here and I have to day, quite a few stand-outs. Vasse Felix, Cullen Wines and Hay Shed Hill are some of the famous award-winning wines produced here.

Another great place for a sit-down lunch, is at the Hay Shed Hill Winery.  They have a wonderful restaurant named ‘Rustico’. It’s very like dining in a massive glasshouse – there are hanging plants and greenery everywhere. And if you enjoy tapas style food, you’ll love it here. Believe me, there is a very good reason why Michael looks so happy.

lunch at the Hay Shed Hill Winery

Sit-down lunch, is at the Hay Shed Hill Winery.

Meet local arts & crafts in the Margaret River

After our tapas, salmon pizza and pear & walnut salad, we rounded off the experience with a visit to the Gabriel Chocolate Shop. You can never overwork the word ‘divine’. There really is no other way to describe this “bean to bar” experience.  What’s not to love about free sampling before you buy? The only downsize, is that there’s so much choice. You’re bound to spend far more time here than you planned.  But at the end of the day, its time well spent.

Gabriel Chocolate Shop in Margaret River area.

A very helpful salesperson will insist on adding more meat to your bones. We left with 3 different varieties, all 75% dark chocolate. I’m not ashamed to say, there are only two left – and the day is far from finished!

Gabriel Chocolate Shop Tasting with a local

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Happy Travelling in Western Australia!

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