When travelling Australia there are many key aspects to consider. Planning for your memorable trip is so essential. Let’s talk about the steps you should take to get the best possible Australia vacation.

When is the best time to plan travelling Australia?

  1. Check the seasons for Australia

    Travellers often forget that ‘summer’ in Australia (November until March) are not necessarily great travelling months for all regions in Australia. Due to it’s huge size, there are a number of different climate and weather pattens from one state to the other. More details in this travel blog on weather and climate in Australia.The Great Barrier Reef over Hardy Reef Whitsundays.

  2. Where to travel Australia?

    Believe me, timing is everything! Unless you have plenty of time up your sleeve, you need to focus on key regions – then explore from those areas. Not only is this more relaxing with less packing, but far more rewarding. There is so much of the unknown to explore in Australia. Sample Kangaroo Island, a magic place often missed.kangaroo at sunset on kangaroo island

  3. How to plan travelling Australia?

    Larger distances are best covered with a domestic flight. This is especially the case, if you have only 1 to 3 weeks for your Australia vacation. Once you arrive at your first destination airport in Australia, you just pick-up your rental car and off you go. This is the most flexible and time-saving part for independent travellers. Read more details on travelling between key locations in Australia.

  4. What accommodation to select?

    Australia has a wide range of accommodation options. These are mostly hotels, resorts and motels. But if you want to treat yourself to something really special, do consider smaller boutique lodges and retreats. When you are staying for a few nights at a key location it’s so nice to come back to a luxurious place to relax and enjoy the surrounds. Read more on accommodation options.life time villa beach retreat kangaroo island

  5. What activities and tour options to do?

    Naturally there are some key tours and excursions you don’t want to miss. These activities include snorkelling or diving the Great Barrier Reef. Again, I urge you to give yourself enough time at each region. Make sure you review your tour options before you arrive – not after. With carefully planning you’ll time it right and achieve a beautifully balanced holiday. Read more on tour options.Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas, Australia. 7 Days Australia Vacation Package

  6. How long shall we stay in Sydney?

    Most travellers will plan travelling Australia to arrive first in Sydney. After a long-haul flights I recommend that you stay at least 2 nights to recover from your jet-lag. Also, day tours to the Blue Mountains National Park and the Hunter (wine) Valley are a fantastic tour option. Of course there is also a Sydney guided day tour.

  7. Shall we include Ayers Rock (Uluru) into our itinerary?

    Ayers Rock is located more or less right in the middle of Australia’s Outback. Therefore, from any location, you are looking at a 3-4 hour flight to get there. And because of its remote location, Airfares to Ayers Rock are costly. Some folks are disappointed with Ayers Rock. And the reason for this is that (a) they arrive in the summer season (too hot) or (b) they arrive in the winter season (too many visitors). Find out more on Ayers Rock.

  8. Is Western Australia a place to visit?

    We love Western Australia – it is such a vast region! In the south you have the Margaret River and southern coastline via Denmark all the way to Albany. And then north of Perth, you’ll have an absolute stunner. There is a wonderful drive along the beautiful coastal road to Broome and onwards to Darwin. So if you have a few weeks extra to spare, why not see Western Australia as a separate destination in its own right. Renting a motorhome – another option.Travelling Western Australia

  9. How about a visit to Tasmania?

    Tasmania is a little bit like New Zealand. It is very different to the rest of Australia – greener and with a more moderate climate. Actually, Tasmania is perfect for hiking and the outdoors. It’s also more seasonal That means there can be snow in the winter season (June-August). Rather like Western Australia, Tasmania is a location you should allow at least 5-7 days to discover. Distances are short, so having a rental car is a perfect way to get around. Read more facts on Tasmania.

  10. How to prepare for my Australia holiday?

    After Covid, travelling has changed – so the more preparation you put in beforehand, the better. One key recommendation is that you have a solid travel insurance in place. Read the finer details – you definitely want to avoid massive costs if the unforeseeable happens. Here are more details with this Australia Travel Checklist. Also, check out our Australia itineraries in 10 days as a sample to start with.Australian wildlife children will love

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