Australia is a perfect place for travellers in general, but even better for honeymooners! This blog is all about finding the best honeymoon destinations Australia has to offer. Australia is a big place, so you really want to focus on some key locations with lots of activities. Make the most out of your limited time. That means you stay in one place longer, rather than moving around too much.

Some of the key attractions for honeymooners such as BridgeClimb Sydney or Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef are ‘classics’. But whatever you decide to do, you will need to consider the weather conditions in Australia. You might be surprised to know that the summer season (Nov – March) is not actually the best time to travel Australia. More details on this in Point 2 below.

sydney opera house

These honeymoon destinations Australia will work

1. Fascinating Sydney and surrounds

Many travellers will arrive in Sydney. After a long flight it’s a good idea to stay in one place for a couple of days. That way, you get to make the most of your ‘recovery time’ to get active and get a sense of the spirit of Sydney. It can be a frantic place with lots of business activities typical of a large city. But, it’s also a fascinating place to start your honeymoon in Australia. Once you are in the centre of ‘town’, you can use public transport to get around pretty much anywhere. We often recommend that to start your stay in Sydney, you go on a half day city tour – this will help to familiarise you with the grid layout. With Australia Luxury Escape tours, you will also get to cover Bondi Beach. However, if you choose their Ultimate City tour you’ll get to sail on Sydney harbour. How cool is that!?

Apart from the the city highlights, there are also major attractions beyond the city – places like the Blue Mountains or the Hunter Valley – they’re  only only a couple of hours away. Don’t bother renting a car and driving around yourself. It really is best to join a guided trip – so much easier and convenient. You will save so much of your valuable time – plus you’ll avoid those nasty ‘toll road’ charges leading to outside areas from Sydney.

And whatever you do, don’t try to self-driving state by state yourself. Australia is a vast continent and believe me, it’ll take you ages – especially if you only have a couple weeks! By far, the best way to move around between key locations is by using domestic flights. Although there are some flights to Ayers Rock and Alice Springs that are probably overpriced, as far as the rest of Australia goes, domestic flights are very competitively priced – remember, you are covering very large distances.


2. Exploring Northern Queensland

Let’s touch briefly on Climate.  As previously mentioned, there is a huge variation of climate across Australia. The southern areas could have a dry spell, but the northern Australia areas have their rainy season. The best time to visit Northern Queensland is in the winter season (from April until September). You can also travel outside those times, but you will have a much more enjoyable honeymoon experience if the weather works for you.

Most travellers head for the tropical part of Australia for the snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef as well as the Daintree Forest trips. There is so much more though! The key advice we can give, is to stay at least 3-4 nights in Port Douglas to make the journey north work. Fly into Cairns Airport and either get a rental car (for short drives) or just use a local transport coach. We love Port Douglas, and despite it being quite touristy, it has such a lovely relaxed vibe -just perfect for honeymooners!

You will get a wide range of accommodation options. These may include apartment style or boutique hotels such as The Peninsula. But for something really special, like a honeymoon, I’d go for something like Silky Oaks lodge any time!

The Daintree forest offers romantic treehouse stays for honeymooners

Silky Oaks Lodge is located outside town in the rain forest, so you may want to use a rental car. That way you can spend time at the Mossman Gorge, Wildlife Habitat or at Hartley’s Croc Centre! For a major draw-card like the Daintree Forest, I would definitely recommend a local tour with small group numbers.  You’ll cover so much more when its personalized.

Daintree guided day walk

3. Feel the magic of the Outback

Next, we’re off to the ‘big red’! There are direct domestic flights from Cairns to Ayers Rock and Alice Springs. It often works quite nicely to fly into Ayers/ Uluru and out of Alice Springs. Unfortunately there is a kind of a monopoly in Ayers Rock (one hotel group owns the place), so prices are high. Alice Springs has better prices, but it’s about 500 kms (300 miles) and 5 hours drive one-way to Uluru! This can be done, as the road is very straight. But it’s a tedious drive.

Once you arrive in Ayers Rock, you can pick-up a rental car from the airport and start exploring. The best time of the year for this area,  is winter (April-Sept). If you need to travel during other times of the year, be prepared for extremely high temperatures. Also, big-fat blow-flies can make life really miserable when you’re out walking . Believe me, these guys have no fear! You’ll need to purchase a sun hat with netting.

uluru rock is a key location for honeymoon holidays


Apart from those few negative points, this part of Australia has a magic all of its own. To absorb the spirit of Uluru, Walk around ‘the rock’ – this is best done in the mornings. Or you could visit the ‘Olgas’ and ‘Twin Sisters’ during sunset. Go with a local aboriginal guide to explore the local history, culture and stories – a lot of folks find this amazing. There is an array of activities and tours to do.

As to accommodation, you do have limited options. From ‘Lost Camel’ to ‘Desert Gardens’ to the ‘Sails in the Desert’ hotels, all these are owned and operated by the same hotel group. If you want something special, check out Longitude 131. Yes, it is priced accordingly, but you won’t remember the price, but you’ll never forget the once-in-a- lifetime’ experience. That’s what a honeymoon is all about, right!?

Longitude 131 is the perfect romantic retreat for a special trip to Australia

4. Taste mother nature on Kangaroo Island

After the colour red we get you to the colour blue again! Heading south with a direct flight from Alice Springs to Adelaide. The capital of South Australia is worth a stay for 2-3 nights. You can use it as the jumping board to head over to Kangaroo Island. It’s an often forgotten place in travellers itineraries. Since I’ve been there I was ‘hooked’. The place is special. They call it the ‘Galapagos of Australia’. If you head over from Adelaide use the fly-fly option please. Going all the way by ferry (and back) is a very long haul.

If you have a bit more spare time (and cash) then spend 2-3 nights on Kangaroo Island. A place such as Southern Ocean Lodge is yet another ‘special’ place you might want to consider. In any case you want to join a local tour. Operators such a Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours doing a splendid job. Reason why? They run their trips in small, personalised numbers and have knowledgeable local guides.


5. Get into the foodie scene in Melbourne

Last but not least… back to one of Australia’s biggest cities. Most honeymooners love trying different cuisines – hey, we all do!. So that alone, makes Melbourne is an amazing place to experience the local food scene. From Italian to Greek, Spanish to Japanese, Australia has attracted so many immigrants over the past 200 years. Spend some time walking around the busy streets and corner in the Flinders area. You will see, smell and taste the world in Melbourne. As with Sydney you might want to consider a half day city tour to get familiar with the local scene.

Well, with those 5 key places for Australia you would have cover quite comfortably, some wonderful key highlights in 10-14 days.

To get started with your planing and see your options in more details, check out our Australia honeymoon itineraries.

Happy Honeymoon Travelling!

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